Dida Mallik – A founder and the Artistic Director of DiDance Academy which is a dynamic dance centre that promotes Malay classical court dances as well as traditional and contemporary dance techniques. She also lectures at the Faculty of Performing Arts UiTM, Shah Alam and for the past three years has been one of the judges for the Cameronian Arts Awards organized by Kaki Seni.

Dance – She began dancing at early age and was trained in Malay classical court dance under the late Pak Cik Ismail Bakti, a highly respected dance master who specialized in Malay court dances including the timeless Mak Yong.
She later mastered her modern and contemporary style under the acclaimed Mr. Ramli Ibrahim who is also her mentor. While living in Bali more then a year, mastering the Balinese dance and music, she was awarded a special honor certification by the Puri Peliatan in Ubud Bali.

Besides having to perform together with Grammy-award winning harpist and composer, Andreas Vollenweider during the opening night of his concert, ‘An Evening with Andreas Vollenweider and Friends’ in Bali she was also invited to Brussels to dance for the opening night of The International Independent Film Festival. In 2006 she was in Paris under the invitation of Malaysian Tourism Paris to perform her solo classical court dance.

Acting – Zaridah received her acting training and skill under director, Norma Nordin and has acted both in theatres as well as in films. She was given a lead role in ‘Kota Ibu Kaya’ director by Norma Nordin so was in ‘Tok Perak’ by Datok Syed Alwi and ‘Story Teller’ directed by the late Kristen Jit and Zahim Albakri story written by Jit Murad to name a few that she was involved in. In 1999, Zaridah was assigned by 20th Century Fox as their assistant casting director as well as one of the actresses in the film, ‘Anna & The King’ acting alongside Jodie Foster and Mr. Chow Yuen Fatt.

Choreographer – She has done most choreography jobs for co-operate functions. To name a few are Esso Malaysia, Shell Malaysia, KLCC, Yayasan Dunia Melayu, Mercy Malaysia, Malaysian Interior Designers Association, and Tourism Malaysia Paris. Her latest is a commission work and research with Pahang museum in producing a Malaysian Heritage book based on ‘Joget Gamelan Pahang’. 2004 & 2005 she became the choreographer and dance consultant for an internationally acclaimed Malaysian film – ‘Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam I & II. She was twice being nominated for Best Choreographer during the Cameronian Arts Award for her dance drama titled - ‘Dance of the Weave’ and ‘Nyala’
Vocal – Zaridah received her vocal training under a famous soprano vocalist, Madam Siti Chairani Prohoeman an Indonesia for 2 years

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Dida Achievements

2007 An Evening at Carcosa Sri Negara
A special dance performance for overseas delegates of UL Services(M)
Sdn Berhad

2007 UiTM 50th Anniversary
Dance Performance for Her Royal Highness Pemaisuri Agong
2007 Joget Gamelan Pahang
Royal Pahang Gamelan Dance Performance at Pulau Keladi-Pahang
2006 The Asyik Dance
Royal Court Dance Performance for His Royal Highness the Sultan of Perak as the Patron of Mercy Malaysia
2006 Colourful Malaysia
Dance showcase for Asia Pacific Space Designers Association
2005 Spectacle Culturel Malaisie
Classical dance performance in Paris
2005 Tarian Menjunjung Seri
Dance Performance for the Yayasan Dunia Melayu
2005 A solo Malay Court Dance
Handling the “The Royal families of South East Asia” book to Her Highness the Queen
2004 Temu
Dance piece especially for Ramli Ibrahim, Sutra Dance Company
2004 Cahaya
A classical duet dance piece for The Associate of Malaysian Interior Designers Annual Dinner
2004 Nyala
Dance drama by Chakra Works Performing Arts
2003 Siddharta
Dance Drama by Sutra Dance Theatre for Theatre Chaya Indonesia
2003 An Evening to Remember at Peter Ho
A Dance Performance to a Poetry Recital
2003 Creativity for Humanity
Classical dance Performance at ARTalk Gallery
2002 Dance of the Weave
Dance drama for Shah Alam Concorde Hotel Arts Festivals
2001 Garis Gemalai with Dida and Jai
Dance and Art piece at Petronas Gallery
2001 Verna
Dance based on Balinese landscape, Exhibition for Eric Peris ‘hand painted’ on photography, Sutra Gallery
2001 Batik Ku
Dance based on Yusof Fadil’s batik works, Sutra Dance Theatre
2000 The Nirmala Journey
Solo dance performances for international Artists Conference 2000 in Bali
1999 Mak Yong
Classical dance performance for the opening night of the International Independent Film Festival in Brussels
1995 A Journey with Dida
Dance drama based on Dida’s Journey to Bali
1993 Another step with Dida
Dance drama based on Dida’s Encounters
1991 Raja Bersiong
Dance drama for Yayasan Seni – KL Japan
1990 The Uninvited Guest – 4 perception
Solo dancedrama performance for The National Art Gallery
1988 Kotak-kotak
Experimental dance repertoire for National Gallery
1988 Pesta and Citarasa
Dance drama by Sutra Dance Theatre
1988 Cik Siti Wan Kembang
Dance drama by Kelantan Royal families
1986 Pendamaian
Dance musical drama for Yayasan Seni
1984 Cempaka Emas
Classical dance drama for Festival in Kl, Perth & Hong Kong
1983 Puteri Sa’dong
Classical Court dance drama
1981 Jentayu
Classical Court dance drama

2005 Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam II
Pesona Pictures
2004 Javanese Court Dance
Javanese Royal Wedding in Sheraton Imperial KL
2004 Nyala
Chakra Works
2004 Malay Court Dance
Perlis Royal Wedding In Shangrila KL
2003 Songket
Launching of Rias Kl Fashion Week, KLCC
2003 Seventeen Star Search 2003
2003 SITT Shell Malaysia Annual Dinner
2003 Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam I
Pesona Pictures
2002 Dance of the Weave
Concorde Art Festival
2002 Shoes Frenzy
Designers Shoe Fashion Show, KLCC
2001 Sweet Remembrance Dance showcase for DiDance Academy in Bali
2001 Beauty & The Beast
Children dance drama for DiDance Academy
2000 Esso Malaysia Private Function
1998 Rentak & Tari

Dance showcase for DiDance Academy
1998 Penyerahan Puteri
Centre Stage Theatre Co.
1998 Kota Ibu Kaya
Centre Stage Theatre Co.
1998 Pulang
Centre Stage Theatre Co.
1997 Little Anisa
Children Theatre for Restu Festival Sutra

Theatre Production
2003 HarakiriProducer
1998 Penyerahan PuteriActress
1998 Semuanya Anak KuActress
1998 Kota Ibu KayaActress
1998 Pulang in Kuching SarawakActress
1992 Tok PerakActress

Musical Production
1995 The Story TellerActress and dancer
1993 Wan Empuk Wan MaliniActress, dancer and choreographer
1993 Opereta Puisi TitianActress and dancer
1991 Nostalgia LagukuActress, dancer and singer

1999 Anna & the King, 20th Century FoxAssistant Casting Director
1999 Anna & the King, 20th Century FoxRole as Lady of the Court

2007 PASSION Exhibition
Chinese Ink & Porcelain Painting
2006 Harmonious 5
An art exhibition by five young contemporary artists

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